4 Steps to Driveway Crack Repair


Cracks on an asphalt driveway can be more than just a cosmetic mistake. They are also a sign of deteriorating asphalt. As the owner of an Asphalt Driveway, you should fix cracks as soon they appear. NC Asphalt Brothers explains how to fix asphalt cracks in the following steps.

Step 1: Locate Any Cracks Larger Than 1/4” in Width

Identifying all cracks in asphalt that require sealing is the first step to professional crack repair. Sealcoat emulsion will be used to seal cracks less than 1/4″. All cracks must be filled if the driveway will not be seal coated.

It may be necessary to categorize cracks to determine whether they are static or active. Working cracks need to be filled and routed. Routing a crack that is in use will create a larger rubber reservoir, allowing for more movement without tearing the rubber.

Step 2:Clean All Cracks Thoroughly

YPS goes the extra mile to graze the cracks after locating all the cracks and determining the type of crack. The wheeled brush removes all organic matter and debris from existing asphalt cracks. This will help to ensure that the rubberized asphalt fully adheres to the cracks.

Pull-ups (or pull-outs) and bubbling are two common problems that can occur when cracks remain uncleaned. Pull-ups or pull-outs are an indicator that dirt is still on the walls of cracks. The problem can be easily resolved by blowing out the crack with compressed air after using the graze. This is usually a sign of organics or water that has not been removed. This problem can be avoided with proper cleaning.

Step 3:Fill Cracks With Rubberized Asphalt Material

At approximately 400 degrees Fahrenheit, cracks are filled using a rubberized asphalt. Cracks can be filled either with an oil-coated melter or a melter that is heated directly. After the material has been heated to the correct application temperature, cracks are filled starting from the bottom.

Our cracks are usually sealed with a band of about 1″ on each side to prevent water from leaking in. We take all necessary precautions to prevent water intrusion when repairing cracks.

Step 4: Refill as Needed. Ensure Proper Banding

Cracks may extend to the sub-base of a pavement. Many cracks can be 3-4 inches in depth and will require additional material. YPS can guarantee a professional repair by reviewing our repairs once they are set.

This article was written by Asphalt Brothers LLC. Asphalt Brothers is the best asphalt paving company serving customers throughout the North Carolina region. They are committed to providing the best asphalt sealcoating Greensboro NC to each and every customer. Their team of experienced professionals has the knowledge and expertise to handle all of your asphalt paving needs, whether you are looking to pave a new driveway, repair existing damage, or maintain your asphalt surface.



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