What Type of Keys Work Best for Replacing Lost Car Keys?


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List of Keys to Use for Lost Car Key Replacement

1. Traditional Keys

If you use regular keys for your car, it means you have an older model. If you happen to lose or have your traditional keys stolen for your old car, you can contact a locksmith right away. They can quickly make duplicate keys for your vehicle. Using traditional keys is the easiest and fastest way to replace a lost car key.

2. Transponder Keys

Another option for replacing lost car keys is to use transponder keys. It’s a good idea to go for this service if you don’t have traditional keys. The chip inside the key sends signals to the ECU, and these signals are what allow the car to start its engine. If your transponder key is lost or damaged, the best course of action is to call a locksmith.

3. Key with Fob

Another option to replace a lost car key is the key with the fob! This primary key comes with a security chip to start the car and lock and unlock the vehicle. You’ll find it inside the door. If you’ve lost your keys, call a locksmith right away. The car owner can buy the fob at a later date.

4. Keys Attached to Fobs

In recent years, a lot of car manufacturers have introduced keys with folding mechanisms that come with fobs. If you have such keys, you need to be careful. You have two main options: either use the spare key or go to the dealership to get a new spare fob key. So, you can either use the spare key you have or go to the dealer to get a new spare fob.

5. Smart Key

The smart key is not the last option! Smart keys are widely used in the automotive industry. Most new cars come with keyless entry, push-button starting, and other features. If you’ve lost your smart key, you can use your spare key as a replacement for the lost one.


This guide should have provided you with enough information to replace a lost car key. When you lose your car keys or they are damaged, choose the option that is most convenient to handle.

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