Benefits of a Concrete Driveway


A concrete driveway is a valuable addition to any home. It provides a strong, durable, and aesthetically pleasing surface for your vehicles. Concrete driveways can also increase the curb appeal of your home and make it easier to maintain. If you are considering a new driveway, concrete is a great option to consider. Here are some of the benefits of a concrete driveway:

1. Lifecycle Expense

Choosing an asphalt driveway can save you money at the beginning. Many people pick asphalt because it’s more affordable. But, if you’re thinking long-term, a concrete driveway lasts even longer. On average, it can last 50-60 percent more years than an asphalt one. 

2. Beauty and Curb Appeal

Lots of people like the regular light gray driveway because it looks nice. But if you want something different, there are cool design choices. You can go for colored concrete if you prefer a darker look. 

3. Reaction to Heat and Light

Do you prefer a driveway that soaks up heat like asphalt or one that reflects heat like concrete?

Concrete driveways stay cooler because they don’t take in as much sunlight as asphalt ones. You can feel the difference just by walking on them barefoot on a hot day. While asphalt’s heat-absorbing quality is nice in winter, it makes the driveway hotter in summer.

4. Load-Bearing Capacity

Concrete is strong and doesn’t bend, so it can handle heavier things than asphalt. Asphalt can bend under the weight of trucks or other heavy stuff, which might cause ruts or damage. Think about not only a big truck, boat, or RV you might have but also other heavy vehicles that could come onto your property. It’s essential to consider what your driveway needs to support.

5. Maintenance Expense

You can make maintaining concrete easier and cheaper by using contraction joints and penetrating sealers. Clear sealers help guard against de-icers and moisture getting in. Contraction joints help manage cracks that happen as the concrete shrinks.

For asphalt, the binder starts drying out as soon as the driveway is put in. To slow this down, you need to reseal it regularly. Even with resealing, an asphalt driveway usually doesn’t last as long as a concrete one. So, it’s something to keep in mind when deciding what kind of driveway to go for.

This post was written by a professional at Cesar’s Concrete. Cesar’s Concrete was created after our owner saw the need for a new breed of Concrete Company in the industry – one that operates with strong moral principles and knows the ins and outs of the business; ensuring customers a beautiful, lasting project. We specialize in all types of concrete repair in Fort Collins!


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